Nelson Jewellery

Inspirted by the butterfly’s love affair with the Calla Lily flower, Nelson recreates the beauty of nature in the Calla Collection. The patented and trademark cut is modelled after the natural outline of a Calla Lily flower, creating a truly unique diamond.

The Calla Cut Diamond enhances fire and scintillatio owing to the location and size of its 57 brilliant-type facets. Unlinke a marquise of pear cut, it does not lose light or brilliance through the bow-tie effect. Its elegant outline pleases the human eye with a soft and naturally shaped alternative to the geometric shapes of a round or square diamond.

The Calla Cut diamond is G/H in color and VS1/VS2 in clarity. Each Calla Cut ring has it’s own identifying logo and serial number inscription. Nelson has invested two years of trial and error prior to discovering this lovely combination of proportion and facet arrangement.