Collectively known as precious metals, gold, platinum and silver represent some of the most rare and sought-after materials in the world. A gift of precious metal jewelry says love and permanence as eloquently today as in all the ages past.

Precious metals share four basic characteristics that make them universally treasured possessions: 

BEAUTY: From the radiance of gold to the lustrous shine of silver and platinum, precious metals hold an intrinsic beauty matched by no other materials on Earth.

RARITY: Few materials are as fare as gold, platinum and silver. While these metals are found in many parts of the world, they are not easily extracted. 

DURABILITY: Precious metals resist corrosion and maintain their luster and shine with little or no maintenance. Just look in the nearest museum, where precious metal artifacts from ancient civilizations attest to the metals’ enduring beauty and permanence. 

WORKABILITY: Jewelers have preferred gold, platinum and silver to all other metals for their durability and malleability; they can be shaped into almost any form imaginable. All three precious metals can be re-melted and reused to create new designs.