Selecting the Right Watch

Selecting a watch, like selecting any piece of fine jewelry, should be based on personal taste. Men and women make a definite statement by the watch they choose, sporty, dressy, techie, tailored or sophisticated. When shopping with a professional jeweler, consider the following factors. 


The metal used in a timepiece will affect its wear and the price. Gold is softer than steel and may scratch in very rugged conditions. It is, however, a metal of choice for fine watch making, as it offers old-world elegance.

Platinum is often used by prestige brands, as it is the rarest and hardest of all precious metals. Stainless steel and titanium are durable materials that work well on sportier watches. 

Variable Cost Considerations

The price of a watch isn’t always contingent strictly upon the materials used for the case, bracelet or crystal, If it’s a mechanical or complicated timepiece that offers additional functions and can have as many as 600 or more individual parts, the price is significantly higher due to the complexity of the movement.

Price is also varied by a watch’s features, which can make it more valuable and thus more expensive. These include diamond bezels or gemstone markers; world-renowned brands that have established reputations over the centuries for elegance and quality; or fine watches designed and created by highly trained artisans that are works of art. 

Special Features

Many watches have more to offer than just tracking the time of day, which can affect the timepiece’s price. Watches can act as stopwatches, calendars, alarms, and/or track multiple time zones. They can also offer fashion flair with gemstone touches or luxurious straps and bracelets. 

Warranties & Repairs

Every watch manufacturer offers a warranty on its timepieces. A professional jeweler should be able to explain the warranties available. Typically, the warranty is for one year, but some companies offer several years of offer extended warranties. Mark sure the watch comes with its original packaging, box and documents. Get a detailed, itemized receipt.

Ask your professional jeweler about the after-sale support of the brand and the retailer. Ask how the watch will be repaired if it becomes necessary. Find out if there are repair facilities on site or a professional watchmaker on staff. In addition, check if the brand has a U.S. service center.