Meet Our Staff

Unlike many jewelry stores that belong to a chain, our customer service is beyond compare. Our staff consists of a GIA graduate gemologist and a dozen jewelry professionals, who have a combine total of 400 years of experience within the jewelry industry and each sales professional has at least 12 years experience at Goldstock Jewelers. Many of our jewelry professionals have a Diamond Grading certification from GIA, which makes them more than just your average retail salesmen. They have been trained by GIA to master the world of diamonds by learning GIA International Diamond Grading. They have been trained to grade diamonds in the D-Z color range and to detect synthetics, treatments, simulants, and fracture-filled diamonds.

In addition to our knowledge, we know that selecting fine jewelry takes time. We encourage you to meet our jewelry professionals, ask questions, make comparisons and consider the possibilities as we help guide you through our showrooms, helping you select the perfect gift.

Our GIA Graduate Gemologist, Jennifer, graduated from GIA in 1991. A GIA Graduate Gemologist diploma is the jewelry industry’s most prestigious and coveted professional credential. Graduate Gemologists practice time-honored identifying and grading techniques using professional gemological equipment and provide a solid balance of both technical knowledge and practical skills. During the course of Jennifer’s studies, she has become an expert in grading diamonds, grading and identifying gemstones, and pearls. GIA is the only diamond grading company in the world that is non-profit. They have a rigorous diamond grading process that requires each diamond to be graded, and agreed upon, by three separate Graduate Gemologists. GIA is regarded as the highest quality diamond grading system in the world and has had no company come close to their outstanding reputation.