Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my diamond and setting be checked?

In a mounting, everyday wear and tear can possibly loosen a diamond. We at Goldstock Jewelers suggest having your ring checked every six months. We perform this service at no charge for all the jewelry we sell.

Is it important to have insurance?

Yes. Insurance companies will cover your jewelry for loss, theft and damage. Consult your insurance agent about adding a jewelry rider to your homeowners or renters policy. We provide an appraisal for coverage to be sent to your insurance company.

How often should I have my jewelry appraised?

For insurance purposes, items should be reappraised every five years. Upon changing insurance companies or moving your residence, a new appraisal is necessary. An updated appraisal of jewelry purchased at Goldstock will be done at no charge upon presentation of the jewelry.

Does it matter who appraises my jewelry?

Appraisals should be performed by a qualified gemologist. We offer updated appraisals on jewelry purchased at Goldstock free of charge.

Why is platinum more expensive than gold?

Platinum is more rare, heavier and harder metal than gold, and the price per gram on the open market is higher. Also, it is much more difficult to work with and requires more highly trained craftsmen to make jewelry.

How do I care for my diamond jewelry?

Soaps, lotions and other everyday items can leave a hazy residue all over your diamond and setting, reducing the brilliance of the stone. There are jewelry cleaning solutions in the marketplace that you can use to clean the stone and setting, but an easy household solution is to use a bit of ammonia and water with an old toothbrush. Just scrub and rinse in luke warm water. Dry with a lint-free cloth.

What is the best way to store jewelry that I don't wear day-to-day?

Diamonds and other stones can scratch each other if they rub together, and this damages the polish characteristic. It is best to store your jewelry items in a soft jeweler's cloth so that they don't come in contact with each other. Be sure to store valuable items in a safe place. Even if you have insurance, jewelry loss can be a very emotional experience, and you may never be able to replace your jewelry with an identical item.

What do I do if I don't know my girlfriend's ring size?

If you are unable to obtain the right size, we suggest that you order a size 6, the average women's finger size. After the surprise is over, we can size her properly to insure the perfect fit.