Spanning four decades, Tacori designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry. The stunning beauty and intricacy of each piece of Tacori jewelry is the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship.

*Each Tacori engagement ring is custom made to suit the individual diamond selected and will take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to be custom created to make your perfect ring. Prices are determined by Tacori and are subject to change at their discretion.

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Braided Tacori Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6743
Price: $4,060.00
Braided Tacori Diamond Wedding Band
SKU: LDW3032
Price: $5,020.00
Crisscross Diamond Tacori Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6798
Price: $3,190.00
Gent's Tacori Diamond Wedding Band
SKU: GDW0625
Price: $2,800.00
Heirloom-Style Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6399
Price: $3,600.00
Men's Tacori Wedding Band with Brushed Finish
Price: $1,760.00
Men's Tacori Wedding Band with Satin Finish
Price: $2,530.00
Tacori 2522 Princess Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6638
Price: $5,130.00
Tacori 2526ETML: Diamond Eternity Milgrain Edged Wedding Band
SKU: LDW2600
Price: $2,650.00
Tacori 2571: Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6210
Price: $3,420.00
Tacori 2573: Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6208
Price: $2,910.00
Tacori 2576: Diamond Cathedral Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6395
Price: $2,900.00
Tacori 2578B: Wedding Band
SKU: LDW2124
Price: $6,670.00
Tacori 2586RD: Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6212
Price: $2,370.00
Tacori 2590RD: Vintage Looking Tacori Engagement Mounting
SKU: LDM5900
Price: $2,390.00
Tacori 2605: Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6167
Price: $2,350.00
Tacori 2620: Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6402
Price: $3,090.00
Tacori 2620OV: Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6211
Price: $3,830.00
Tacori 2620RD: Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6394
Price: $2,410.00
Tacori 2620RD: Vintange-Looking Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: DS3647
Price: $2,690.00
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