Welcome to a glimpse into the world of Simon G Jewelry. The tricolor designs show creative passion that drives Simon Ghanimian to capture such timeless beauty, and yet still deliver the quality and intricate detail people have come to expect from the Simon G brand.

*Simon G engagement rings are made custom to the individual diamond selected. Please allow 4-6 weeks to custom make each engagement ring. Prices are determined by Simon G and are subject to change at their discretion.

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Aquamarine & Diamond Earrings
SKU: SE3933
Price: $3,300.00
Aquamarine Earrings
SKU: SE3687
Price: $2,860.00
Beautiful Simon G Filigree Diamond Wedding Band
SKU: LDW2532
Price: $3,190.00
Black & White Diamond Fashion Band
SKU: LD2225
Price: $4,620.00
Etched Diamond Halo Wedding Set
SKU: LDM6355
Price: $2,530.00
Fancy Diamond Cross
SKU: DP6125
Price: $2,684.00
Invisibly Set Big Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6584
Price: $6,160.00
Oval Shaped Halo with Split Sides by Simon G
SKU: LDM6115
Price: $4,070.00
Sapphire Bracelet
SKU: SB2602
Price: $9,680.00
Simon G 3 Ring Platinum Diamond Wedding Set
SKU: LDM4578
Price: $3,300.00
Simon G Butterfly Diamond Bracelet
SKU: DB3507
Price: $1,600.00
Simon G Custom-made Open Twisted Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6888
Price: $2,750.00
Simon G Diamond Dangle Earrings
SKU: DE7156
Price: $3,850.00
Simon G Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6732
Price: $4,950.00
Simon G Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6738
Price: $2,420.00
Simon G Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6735
Price: $3,080.00
Simon G Diamond Ring with Satin Finish
SKU: LD2230
Price: $3,960.00
Simon G Diamond Wedding Set
SKU: LDM6558
Price: $3,300.00
Simon G DR327: Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6836
Price: $4,510.00
Simon G Filigree Diamond Dangle Earrings
SKU: DE7166
Price: $2,640.00
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