The perfect ring for the girl on the go. Beautiful halo mountings with either bezel or prong set centers.

Ritani 1PCZ1617HRWG: Diamond Halo, Split Mounting
SKU: DS3559
Price: $5,400.00
Ritani 1PCZ2537CRWG: Diamond Halo Mounting
SKU: LDM6412
Price: $2,830.00
Ritani 1PCZ2540CRWG: Diamond Halo Mounting
SKU: LDM6410
Price: $3,430.00
Ritani 1PCZ3716CRWG: Tapered, Diamond Halo Mounting
SKU: DS3612
Price: $7,300.00
Ritani 1PCZ3721CRWG: Diamond Halo Mounting
SKU: LDM6411
Price: $2,660.00
Ritani 1PCZ3747CPCRP: Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: DS3561
Price: $8,750.00
Ritani 1PHZ3538CRWG: Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6622
Price: $2,670.00
Ritani 1RZ188IRWG-6TO: Shared Prong Engagement Mounting
SKU: LDM6097
Price: $2,210.00
Ritani 1RZ1966FRP-65: Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6374
Price: $2,940.00
Ritani 1RZ2056ARP: Royal Crown Collection Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM5934
Price: $3,590.00
Ritani 1RZ2145ARWG: Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6287
Price: $4,280.00
Ritani 1RZ2378BRWG: Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6099
Price: $2,810.00
Ritani 1RZ2394CRP-7: Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6100
Price: $3,200.00
Ritani 1RZ2537CRWG: Diamond Halo Mounting
SKU: LDM6413
Price: $2,800.00
Ritani 1RZ3154GRWGL Diamond Halo Ritani Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6624
Price: $4,400.00
Ritani 1RZ3278HRP: Unique Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM5886
Price: $2,270.00
Ritani 1RZ3705CRWG: Bela Vita Collection Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6625
Price: $2,830.00
Ritani 1RZ3707CRWG: Bela Vita Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6626
Price: $3,020.00
Ritani 1RZ3766CRWG: Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Split Sides
SKU: LDM6623
Price: $2,240.00
Ritani 1RZ90016CRWG: Split Diamond Mounting
SKU: LDM6289
Price: $2,140.00
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