For over 28 years Christopher has seen the pride and joy that his products have brought to other. A diamond represents love and accomplishment-like a special reward to oneself, or the beginning of the most wonderful lifelong unions. Each and every piece of jewelry leaving his shop is subjected to multiple quality control checks to insure a perfect setting for your perfect diamond.

Enhance your life style with breathtaking designer jewelry. Christopher’s designs have been seen on some of the most famous and influential people of our time. All of their jewelry is made in the USA.

Christpher is the designer of the Crisscut diamond which intensifies the brilliance and scintillation of the diamonds. Click here to learn more about the Crisscut diamonds.

Christopher Designs Channel Set Diamond Engagement Mounting
SKU: LDM6064
Price: $3,100.00
Christopher Designs Crisscut® Cushion Halo Engagement Ring
SKU: DS3642
Price: $16,200.00
Christopher Designs Large Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM5850
Price: $3,750.00
Christopher Designs Large Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
SKU: DS3636
Price: $24,200.00
Chrstopher Designs Crisscut® Emerald Engagement Ring
SKU: DS3489
Price: $21,115.00
Large Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
SKU: LDM6430
Price: $4,030.00
Unique Diamond Engagement Ring by Christopher Designs
SKU: LDM5026
Price: $1,620.00
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