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"I was referred to Goldstock by a friend in Pittsburgh as the only  place I should search for an engagement ring. My friend was absolutely right!  I could not have been happier with the way I was treated in Goldstock. I was  given all sorts of sound advice about diamonds and ring appearance, etc. It  was nothing like what I had heard at other chain jewelers. I went to  Goldstock a total of three times, and I was always treated with the same  friendly attitudes and respect. It was very clear to me that the people at  Goldstock had no intentions of making the most money off me. They treated me  as someone who wanted the best for the person in their lives who they  considered the best. I had my own diamond, and after finding a gorgeous  setting at Goldstock, I brought my diamond there and had them put the ring  together. They even changed the head from a four-prong to a six-prong for me.  I couldn't be happier with the ring that they put together for me. Both me  and my fiancee absolutely love it. It will definitely be a ring that will  stay in the family for a long time. I would recommend Goldstock to anyone who  is looking for a jeweler who offers the best quality and treats their  customers as their friends." - Andrew Jones 7/13/13

“This place is a true gem in the Clark building. They have the most beautiful bridal selection and I was blessed to have such wonderful customer service. They worked with my fiancé and I to truly find a ring that fit us. Melanie was such a pleasure to work with, not only did she spend hours with us searching but treated us like family. I returned to purchase my wedding band also and will continue to shop here for a very long time. This is a must go to store! You will not be disappointed.” –The Knot Review 7/2/13

“I would recommend Goldstock to any couple who is looking to get rings for their wedding. The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, even when we had the same questions over and over. They ended up giving us a GREAT deal on a custom engagement ring/wedding band set, as well as my fiance's wedding band. I can't say enough positive things about Goldstock...they are amazing and made this part of the wedding process simple!!” –The Knot Review 9-18-13

“Goldstock Jewelers has been our preferred vendor for over 30 years and the quality, service and even the cost can't be matched.” – The Knot Review 7/19/13

“We found perfect wedding bands here! Huge selection and great sales people!!” – The Knot Review 6/23/13

"DEFINITELY CHECK OUT GOLDSTOCK! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! My fiancé got my engagement ring from Goldstock. We returned there to buy the wedding bands and he got my diamond earrings as a wedding present. They are GREAT and have a wonderful selection at great prices!" 11/28/12 the Knot Customer Testimonial

"Goldstock Jewelers is in one word, AMAZING! They have over 100 wedding bands in the store so I was not shopping out of a catalog. I have a very unusual shaped engagement ring but we were able to find the perfect wedding band at Goldstock. My husband is quite particular and after searching through half dozen mall jewelry stores, he found the perfect wedding band at Goldstock. The price was easily affordable, especially with the 6 month interest free layaway. The service doesn't stop after the sale either, which is a big benefit. Goldstock will clean and inspect my jewelry whenever I want, provide me with jewelry cleaner at home for no cost, and rhodium plate my ring for the first time at no cost to me! We will definitely be going back for future purchases and we will recommend them to all of our friends and family." 9/7/12 the Knot Customer Testimonial
My fiancé and I knew we were going to be getting married; so, we went and looked at rings together at Goldstock. We never expected to find one immediately, but we did! They were wonderful and so helpful! Plus, their prices are amazing! We had previously looked at one carat solitaire diamond rings because of prices. But, at Goldstock I was able to get a 1.60 round carat diamond solitaire engagement ring in our price range! I've seen similar rings at almost double the price! Wonderful experience. Can't wait to go back and get our wedding bands! Everyone there is great!1/23/12 the Knot Customer Testimonial
"I was nervous about picking out a diamond because they are so expensive. The retail stores have no selection and everything costs a fortune. At Goldstock Jewelers, I went in, they directed me to the rings I could afford and did not push anything else on me. I picked one in about 5 minutes. Best Part, they sized it for me in 2 hours so I could have it for my bridal shower. I went back for my wedding band and received the same service."
12/20/11 the Knot Customer Review
"Goldstock Jewelers is the best jeweler in Pittsburgh! I wanted to get my fiancé a beautiful ring but didn't want to pay for the low quality, over priced rings at the typical chain stores. One look inside Goldstock and I knew it was the right place to go. The staff couldn't have been more helpful and accommodating and they really helped me pick out a diamond that stayed within my budget--much more than I ever would've gotten somewhere else. I will certainly be patronizing Goldstock in the future and will definitely be back for my 10% off on wedding bands!"
10/25/11 the Knot Customer Testimonial
"Goldstock is now my go-to jeweler. Ever since my husband bought my engagement ring from them, we have said that we would not go anywhere else for jewelry. They ensure that you are getting the best quality for the best price. They are always friendly and have at times given us services without charge. They are a wonderful jeweler."
10/25/11 the Knot Customer Testimonial
"My husband bought my engagement ring here and we bought both of our wedding bands here. They were fantastic throughout the entire process! Everything was ready with plenty of time to spare. They have financing for rings and include 10% off wedding bands when you purchase your engagement ring there!"
10/11/11 the Knot Customer Testimonial
"Any time I need to make a large jewelry purchase I go to Goldstock! My bridal set is from there as well as my husbands band, both of our gifts to each other and my first anniversary gift!! They truly make you feel like you are the only person in the room and offer the best customer service I have seen from a high end jewelry store!"
9/22/11 the Knot Customer Testimonial
"Goldstock is an awesome place to get your rings! Both my engagement ring and wedding band came from Goldstock Jewelers. I was very pleased with the service that we received while we were shopping around. In addition, they have a great selection of rings to choose from."
7/31/11 the Knot Customer Testimonial
"My boyfriend recently purchased my engagement ring from Goldstock.  I am from Philadelphia, and he is from Indiana County, currently living in Pittsburgh. Although we had done some "window shopping" together in the Philly area, he was a bit anxious about shopping for my ring by himself back in Pittsburgh.  He tried a few other stores where he found the service to be less than desirable.  When he went to Goldstock, he was made very comfortable and their staff was very informative and patient with him throughout the buying process.  The ring that he ultimately chose is beautiful. Thank you so much for making his shopping experience so pleasant, especially at a high-anxiety time."
Sincerely, Jennifer Griffin, May 16, 2011
"Goldstock has become my ONLY source for jewelry shopping for several reasons. Prices are good (LOVE the sale case); Selection is great - I can always find something I like/need; Sales personnel are all friendly and knowledgeable. I am often times greeted by name upon arrival. I typically work with the same sales associate because he is familiar with the style of jewelry I prefer and he gets straight to the point when I inquire about pricing. My time is not wasted on haggling back and forth. I also receive excellent service when I order something special, or bring in items for repair. I am made to feel that I am valued as a Goldstock customer. This type of customer service is rare these days. Thank you!!"
Laurie Graboski, April 1, 2011
"I just wanted to take the time to drop a note of praise about my experience at your store. On Sat. March 26th, my soon to be fiancé and I visited your store to look at engagement rings. I was extremely impressed with the exemplary service we received. He took the time to not only show us all the rings that I had in mind from the Tacori collection but he also showed me different options that were elegant and different. Being a jaded New Yorker, I’m not use to getting so much individualized attention and courteous service. My boyfriend didn’t purchase the ring yet but the service I got there has guaranteed that it will be in the near future. Our sales associate knew what he was talking about and in turn made us feel comfortable in trusting in his judgment and recommendations. Its easy for me to go to one of the stores on 5th Ave in NYC, but I have to say because of our associate we are committed to going back to Pittsburgh to make the purchase! Thanks again for a wonderful experience."     
-Carline Petit, March 28, 2011
"We arrived the first time to a very busy store. A sales associate approached us and upon our arrival the second time we specifically asked for him.  We love him. He is kind, honest, and extremely helpful. The first time we were there, I had not eaten and started to feel ill. He provided me with water, a slice of pizza and a candy bar. I felt better after that. He is easy to talk to, funny and very knowledgeable in his craft. I feel very secure in our decision and purchase of an engagement ring. We also looked at men's bands and he supplied his expertise there as well. He made this fabulous experience even more special. I will continue to ask for him to work with us, and will suggest Goldstock to my friends."  
-Daneen Baughman, March 2011
“The people at Goldstock were an absolute godsend during the entire process of investigating, purchasing, and ultimately picking up the engagement ring I purchased. I very much look forward to going back to price out wedding rings!"
-Chuck, Goldstock Customer 2011
"I had purchased a ring a Jared. A friend told us we should have gone to Goldstock, and she was very convincing. I had a 30 day money back guarantee from Jared so we went downtown. We ended up getting a bigger, better quality diamond and better setting; all for $700 less! I took the ring back to Jared and never looked back."
-Jeff, Goldstock Customer 2011
"The customer service is superb and the store has a huge inventory to view. Unlike many jewelry stores I have visited, they usually have to go to a catalog to show me what I am interested in seeing. Goldstock always has what I'm looking for in necklaces, earrings, and rings."
-Karen, Longtime Goldstock Customer
“I would recommend Goldstock Jewelers, and I have already informed some people at the hospital where I work to come there and they won’t be disappointed.”
-Goldstock Customer 2010 
“When my fiancé and I purchased my engagement ring, the salesman was very friendly and personable. He really worked within our budget as well. It was a great experience and I will be purchasing the wedding bands there as well.”
-Goldstock Customer 2010 
“Doing a hell of a job, everyone there is more than helpful and I’ll be back as soon as my wallet refills!”
-Goldstock Customer 2010
“You guys are wonderful! Our salesman was incredibly helpful during our entire engagement ring/wedding band process. We would work with both Goldstock and our salesman a million times over! Thank you!!!”
-Goldstock Customer 2010
“My husband and I already recommended you to several family members and our future son-in-law bought our daughter a beautiful engagement ring recently from your store.”
-Goldstock Customer 2010
“I have been coming to Goldstock for over 20 years and always have a wonderful experience.”
-Goldstock Customer 2010
“I was very satisfied with the knowledge level, customer service, and quality. It was easy for me to come in on my lunch and get exactly what I needed done. I love my rings so much I can’t part with them!”
-Goldstock Customer 2010
“Very satisfied with your layaway program, I paid what I could afford for both my setting and now my diamond, which is still on layaway. I am very happy with that.”
-Goldstock Customer 2010


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